Technical SEO

Technical SEO isn’t about conducting a site audit to address website errors, it is the principle of enhancing your real estate in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) to allow you to dominate and be seen as the topic publication expert that you are.

But sometimes there are challenges or roadblocks that can prevent this from happening, some of which you might be asking yourself:

  • Are the publications site rankings constantly fluctuating?
  • Am I missing out on new technologies i.e. AMP that have shifted our audiences consumption patterns and starting to impact the publications overall performance? What can I do to capture these audiences?
  • Why am I no longer showing up in Google News? How can I be considered in Google News
  • I have content syndication partners that are better outranking me for my own article – how do I address this?
  • The publications website site speed is not optimal or there is a functionality or feature that we’d like to add to enhance user experience. How will Google’s search crawlers perceive this?
  • What can I do to reach a wider audience in other countries? Do I start a dedicated site, sub domain or sub folder?
  • I’m seeing these position 0 features in Google i.e. a box with a snippet of content which is a competitor site (this is called the answer box). Or, my competitor is showing review star symbols for their recipe pages. How can I do the same thing?
  • We’re relaunching, rebranding or migrating to another CMS (from a legacy CMS). What are the considerations for this?

Some of this, especially site migrations will be considered as a separate project. Search engines are a platform (like social media i.e. Facebook and 3rd party sites i.e. Medium, and as such, delivering good user experience for editorial content from organic search needs to have the above factored, to allow you to build and distribute the best content possible.

If you have any concerns or are unsure, let’s work together to technically build the best content possible for your audiences.