Editorial & Content Optimization

As an editor or journalist, editorial content optimization isn’t simply about tweaking or sprinkling keywords to a piece of content with the hope of being found. Many news and content publishing sites can attribute 70% of their traffic from organic search and social media (according to Newslab). Typically, people aren’t coming to the home page and browsing. They’re looking for something specific and therefore it’s important to factor how to bake in the audience strategy into the daily workflow to take the first mover advantage of being found.

There are also other common scenarios that need to be considered for ongoing news/content production besides understanding the common SEO best practices for editorial content optimization:

  • If you are creating follow-up pieces around the same story, how do you make sure that the latest post ranks in organic search?
  • What are some ways of creating unique assets to make sure that I don’t use the same images across multiple articles?
  • What elements do you need from an SEO point of view to ensure that you have correctly pieced together your article?
  • How do can correctly hub together cornerstone themes and it’s associated topics together?
  • Should I differentiate desktop and mobile editorial content?
  • What are the best practices for better ranking in Apple Newsstand, Google Play Newsstand and other platforms that can accept our newsfeed?
  • What’s the process of making old articles more relevant again?

Balancing the editorial tone and content optimization of a content piece don’t have to be difficult.

Keyword mapping, linking analysis and strategy, creative content ideation, evergreen content framework builds, content distribution optimization (Itunes Newsstand, Google Play e.t.c.) and strategy and search content efficiency performance reviews are some of the tasks or steps I take and can pass over my knowledge to editorial teams, to ensure that there is an informed ongoing optimization process embedded within the team.

If you need to change your approach, need help jump starting your existing content marketing campaigns, or do the grunt work in upgrading your existing content, I can help.