Audience Strategy

Having a  good content strategy for your audience development efforts encompasses the three main C’s: Context, Connections, and Clarity. As an article from Content Marketing Institute puts it, “Setting clear goals and using data as your guide ensures that you are developing the right type of content, getting it in front of the right audiences, and understanding its impact in a way that lets you continually optimize your strategy”.

I use context (client and competitors), connections (social media) and clarity (organic and or paid search data) information together in order to layer the fundamentals of your audience strategy  - whether it be for cornerstone pages to individual performing guides or writing/optimizing for specific news trending topics.

Influencer/competitor/site link research, content audits, editorial planning (guideline development & more) and persona development are some of the tasks/steps involved in order to assess internal and external factors for putting together an SEO & content strategy roadmap.

Putting together these steps and framework means that we can benchmark and continually review and optimize the content strategy that has been put in place for your audience.

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