What are 10 ways to identify SEO trends for a website?

Note: This post has been migrated from my old blog called Online Marketing Blog, and it’s actual published date was on January 15, 2012.
I want to start my SEO blog with a quick list to get the momentum going.

  1. Check your website traffic and keywords with your web analytics tool – Google Analytics, Web trends, Omniture.
  2. Conduct regular keyword research for your client’s website to spot the changing levels of competition and monthly search traffic.
  3. Utilise  a combination of 3rd party competitive intelligence tools – SEMrush, Google Insights.
  4. Topical analysis using social media listening tools or real time  social search engines  i.e. Radian 6, Topsy.
  5. Read the latest search marketing/ tech industry news websites – search engine land, SEJ, SEW, Tech Crunch. If you are not a fan of these website’s you can even search for “SEO Trends 2012” and set the tine range to the past month to get the most recent results.
  6. Read other SEO  experts opinion’s or go to the source by reading Google or Bing related blogs.
  7. Contribute in forum discussions to get ideas from other industry peers.
  8. View historical client/industry client related results.
  9. Create a list of processes which you can go back to when similar events occur i.e. Checking the total number of backlinks when experiencing a drop in search rankings.
  10. Make an educated guess.


Talk to your client and ask them for typical business calendar events. Planning for these events in advance is crucial for staying ahead of your competition.

Nothing in SEO is set in stone! Anticipate change and adapt to it, so that you can embrace the results it brings.


8 years experience in SEO & Content Strategy, with half of that time working in agency startups (or newly created divisions), developing and improving SEO and content marketing service processes. Being an SEO is who I am, digital (content and/or media) publishing is where I want to be.

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